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What We Do

Most companies pay up to $2,500 for cold leads. The time and effort required to convert those leads into a sale can be costly.

What if we told you that you can get warm leads for a fifth of the cost?

Assert Wealth partner with Property Developers and Builders to generate referrals for their business, and provide additional services to our mutual clients. At Assert Wealth, we are experts in obtaining client referrals from your existing database. We then condition those referrals with our proven process into warm leads, and can then convert to a sale.


We have years of experience in cultivating and growing client relationships and accounts, and a high sales conversion rate.

Benefits to you 


  • Extract more revenue from your existing client base

  • You only pay us if we are successful in either providing warm leads, or converting your clients to a new property package. If we don’t win the work, there are no fees to you.

  • No additional time commitment from you

  • Save money on marketing and lead generation costs

  • Provide your clients with additional support and relationship management, with less work required from you

  • Retain and grow your client base

  • We can assist with getting stalled deals restarted

  • Assert Wealth may refer clients to you for property.

Who we are


  • We have years of experience in client relationship management, sales and property

  • We pride ourselves on our integrity, and always put the client first

  • We act as an exemplary representative of your business, operating under a strict code of conduct

  • We work outside of normal office hours and see clients in their homes, or virtually via Zoom or Facetime, so we work flexibly to client’s lifestyles and availability

  • We have an excellent track record of client satisfaction, sales conversion, and referrals

Together at the Top
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5     Expected Results

On average, we obtain 2 referrals from every client that we engage with. 

If you provide 1 client referral* to us per week, within 5 weeks we would expect to have at least 8-12 warm leads to provide to you, with a report for each lead.


Optionally, from these warm leads, we can then condition and convert them to purchase a property. We will take on a relationship management role and take the client through to the finish line.


This means that from providing us with 1 client referral per week, we can come back to you with between 1.6 and 4.8 sales, in conjunction with our Real Estate partner.


Based on a  property sale price of $500,000, this equates to a range of $800,000 to $2.4 million in sales from the 1 client you originally provided.

* The client referred is to be contacted by you prior to referral, to introduce them to a free and no-obligation consultation with Assert Wealth

To find out more about getting referrals and leads for your business, contact us via our Contact page, or email us at, or give us a call on 1300 059 669.

How do we work?

There are no upfront fees to you for our services.


1   You refer 1 or more clients to us per week

From your existing database of past clients or leads, you refer 1 or more people to us per week. You will retain ownership of your client base and IP.

2   We reach out and convert

Using our proven process, we conduct a discovery exercise with your clients to find their goals, needs and circumstances. We condition the clients and put them on the road to the sale, putting them in contact with experts on refinance, property investment, and other services depending on their requirements.


We are experts in selling in services to clients and closing the deal, while keeping them happy and turning them into repeat customers.

3   New Referrals and Conditioning

We have a high success rate for obtaining referrals from both existing and new clients, due to our excellent customer service and proven methods. Any referrals received from your clients will go through our conditioning process and back to you as a warm, conditioned lead, along with a report. A small referral fee is payable for providing this lead.

4     Bespoke Services incl. Sales Conversion

Alternatively, we can convert the lead to a sale for you, and can also provide real estate sales and finance services via our partners. We can manage all parties and take the reigns on ongoing relationship management and growth throughout the process, keeping things on track and helping to remove roadblocks. This also keeps a consistent experience for both clients and partners.







What Our Partners Say

"We are a long-established Investment Property Specialist Company and we were looking to form a business alliance to expand and enhance our business platform.  However, we knew this new company had to be motivated, have fresh ideas and have an innovative approach in this very competitive industry, and overcome the challenges that 2020 has brought with it.  Assert Wealth has more than delivered.  Lloyd's straight forward approach and innovative business model has turned the way we look at getting clients to our door, on its head.
The concept of pulling together professionals who head up well established, independent businesses to deliver a focused services based group has been totally welcomed by our clients and their willingness to share their experience with friends, work colleges and family is a testament to their confidence in the services provided.

We have seen an immediate increase in the number of clients we are presenting investment property to with a conversation rate of 90%.

We wholeheartedly recommend Assert Wealth."


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